American Cocker Spaniel



The American Cocker Spaniel is a medium sized dog which comes with a well rounded head that meets at a pronounced stop. The teeth of the dog are quite unique as they meet as succors do, shearing food as they chew it. The muzzle is broad as there are rounded square jaws. The eyes are generally dark and round. The dog has a unique silky coat that is all flat and shiny. There is a slight slope from the front legs to the back. In most cases, the tail is docked, though this in most countries has been outlawed.


The dog is mainly seen with solid colors with black and tan being the most common colors. In some cases, this dog has some partial color combinations such as black with some tan, white and tan or even black and white. The ears have some feathering that is characteristic with this dog, as are legs, chest and abdomen.

The height of the dog is approximately 15 ½ inches in males and 14 ½ inches in females. The weight range varies from 15 – 30 pounds in adult dogs.


This dog is quite cheerful and is an ideal household pet. As it has average intelligence, house training and obedience training are quite easy to teach. A lot of socialization when the dog is young is quite important, as it helps prevent shyness of the dog. Temperament problems are quite evident with the dog when the daily exercise for the dog is not assured. Among some of the problems with this dog is urinating when overly excited or scared. Aggressiveness is also common and being possessive of most of the items it is in reach including food.


The mortality rate of the dog is mainly seen later in mid life, mainly caused by a disease that this dog breed is genetically predisposed to. On average, the dog will live about 12 – 15 years.

Health problems

One of the most common health problems seen with the American Cocker Spaniels is IMHA (Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia) which seems to be a disease these dogs are genetically predisposed to. Other problems include allergies, lip fold, hip dysplasia prolapsed, liver disease and cardiomyopathies.


Among some important points to note with the American Cocker Spaniel is wiping the base of the eyes as they regularly tear up. Frequent shampooing and brushing of hair is also very important. Shedding of this dog is average and thus ought to be regularly kept neat by trimming the hair coat. It is easy to trim the hair coat as its hair grows back quite fast.


The American Coker spaniel dates back as far back as the 14th century with origins being linked to the English cocker spaniel. After several years of breeding down, this dog was officially named the cocker spaniel as it was characteristically smaller than its relatives. The entry of this dog to the official registers of the American Kennel Club AKC are dated 1873.